Super Sleep Yoga: 1-2-1

When: Wednesday / Friday / One Sunday Per Month

Where: The Yoga Nest, Ashford Road, Brighton, BN1 6LL or via Skype

Cost: £60

In this unique and mindful programme, you will learn simple, effective yoga techniques to calm the nervous system. We will work with breathing practices to prepare the body for sleep and to use during sleep interruptions. We will practice a sequence of postures designed to glide you into sleep mode and learn how to synchronise with our circadium rhythms. We will also include pressure points and meditations and a resource pack to take away with you as homework during the course.

Having worked with some fantastic clients on this programme in the past, I look forward to working with you. To find out more please get in touch via the contact form.


About Your Tutor

It was my own experience of having Insomnia triggered by sleep deprivation from my second child and the transition into peri-menopause that lead me to this work. I took my training with Lisa Sanfilipo and the Minded Institute and found that the knowledge and wide variety of tools from the course have been invaluable in helping me get my sleep back on track.


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