Restore Your Core free 30 mins check in via Skype

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Where: In the comfort of your own home

Cost: FREE

Are you thinking about buying the RYC® online program and would like to ask questions and get some guidance on what it includes, or are you interested in classes, please check my availability and book in for a free chat.

I have supported many clients who own the Restore Your Core online program and client's who are able to practice the moves and exercises regularly can make amazing progress. If you own the program I am available for support to refine any of the moves or assist you in uncovering any blind spots. You can either booking a 1-2-1 session directly or an RYC® assessment. If you want to find out more, I'm also available for a free chat to give you some more insight into what is included in the online program.Please book in via the link above.

Restore Your Core

How It Works?

If you book a 1-2-1 session you can book directly via my website and the duration is 1hr.

If you book an RYC® Assessment  you can book via the RYC® website duration is 30 mins for the session.  You will be asked to submit videos prior to our meeting and I will focus on what I think is the most helpful use of out time together.


What Our Clients Say:

I was devastated to learn I had suffered a prolapse and felt there was no hope of returning to exercise which was a bleak prospect. However, your approach to core strengthening and your patience has been incredibly helpful and made me so much more aware of posture and I feel encouraged and would like to keep learning”. Linda 

“Since coming to your classes my back pain has gone away!” Wendy


Q: Are any other slots available for booking if I am in another time zone?
Yes there is a possibility that other days and times may be arranged, please contact me via email to check availability at

Q: Is there a reduction in price if I book a block of classes?
Yes if you book a block of 3 or 5 classes then the price reduces to £65 per class.

About Your Tutor

I’m yoga teacher and a certified RYC™ teacher and is was my experience of having diastasis recti after both of my pregnancies that lead me into this work. It became clear to me that a classical yoga practice wasn’t enough to help me recover so I stepped out of the yoga world to learn more.

I took courses with well-respected leaders in the field such as women’s health physios Dianne Lee and I tried many core recovery programs. I finally discovered the Restore Your Core program and it not only took my recovery to the next level, but empowered me with knowledge of how to move in a way that would be supportive to my body for the rest of my life.  I am passionate about spreading this work to as many ladies as I can.

If you are working through the Restore Your Core online programme and would like extra support and coaching, then do feel free to contact me. Skype sessions are also available for any clients who have attended in person classes with me.

Thank you