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Why Rethinking the Core and Pelvic Floor

Are you a movement teacher that would like to gain some insight and get an overview on how to support your  students or clients experiencing core issues in your classes? It’s a topic that’s not usually covered in the average Yoga TT and even if you have trained in pregnancy and postnatal yoga, you may have learnt how to modify and adapt rather than how to read your clients movement blind spots and offer sways to help them experience a new way of moving.

I worked with Lushtums for many years teaching on their postnatal yoga teacher training program and I have supported many teachers and clients over the last decade.  I’ve taken courses with well respected women’s health physios in the field and I am trained as a Restore Your Core Teacher. The RYC® program has helped thousands of women rebuild their strength again after experiencing a core injury.

It may be that you are looking for a one off session to build your confidence in your classes and ask questions or we can dive deeper, geek out and get into body reading and some easy tools to integrate into your classes. These sessions can be catered for you. Please email me to discuss and we can have a chat by phone or zoom.

About Rethinking the Core & Pelvic Floor

These sessions can be designed and catered to your needs. Please see the topics to explore below

Common pathologies such as diastasis recti, prolapse and incontinence and which movements are supportive for anyone experiencing these issues.

Movement-based practices to help clients/students improve their core strength and function.

How to recognise common core engagement cheats

Tools for teaching your students deep core engagement, not just abdominal engagement

Anatomy of the core and pelvis from a bio-tensegrity and myofascial perspective

Breathing how you can help or hinder core health

Tools to re-pattern breath to support core function

Signs to look out for if you have clients/students who may have a hypertonic pelvic floor and understand why isolated pelvic floor exercises may be doing more harm than good.

Full body exercises to build core strength, integrity and function

How to safely and confidently modify a movement class for client who has a core or pelvic floor issues

Insights and practice analising clients/posture and gait to improve core function.



Q: Where will the sessions be held?

Q: Do I need to bring equipment?

Mat/belt/ resistance band/yoga block






About Your Tutor

I’m yoga teacher and a certified RYC™ teacher and is was my experience of having diastasis recti after both of my pregnancies that lead me into this work. It became clear to me that a classical yoga practice wasn’t enough to help me recover so I stepped out of the yoga world to learn more.

I took courses with well-respected leaders in the field such as women’s health physios Dianne Lee and I tried many core recovery programs. I finally discovered the Restore Your Core program and it not only took my recovery to the next level, but empowered me with knowledge of how to move in a way that would be supportive to my body for the rest of my life.  I am passionate about spreading this work to as many ladies as I can.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions regarding my classes and workshops. Simply fill out the form and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.