Yoga for Sleep Recovery

When: Sunday

Time: 7.00pm-8.45pm

Where: ONLINE via ZOOM

Cost: £80

Starts: 20 September 2020

More info coming soon

Sleep Easy Sunday

When: Sunday

Time: 8.30pm-9.00pm

Where: ONLINE via ZOOM coming back soon.


Sleep Easy Podcast

Cost: £10

Duration: 28 minutes

Following demand from my clients, I’ve introduced a Sleep Easy Podcast which enables you to download the Sleep sequence and use it in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you. I’ll talk you through and set you up for a good night’s sleep and then the idea is that you won’t need to listen to it every time, you’ll learn it become familiar with it and you can do it anytime anywhere when you need.
When sleep is disrupted it can be helpful to have a variety of tools to help. In the Yoga for Sleep Recovery Program, based on the work of Lisa Sanfilipo and author of the book Sleep Recovery,  we move through 5 steps to help you recover your sleep. The 5 steps are drawn from the 5 layers of the body in yoga.  In this podcast we focus on Step 1: releasing the physical tension from the body. 
If you want to dive deeper and learn more of the tools to integrate then please do get in touch and I can take you through the Yoga for Sleep Recovery program. Once you become familiar with the practices you can address where you need to focus. 
Once payment has been processed a download of the sequence will be emailed to you. Enjoy x

What Our Clients Say:

With what I have learned on the course I feel able to manage my insomnia without turning to sedative medication‘. Sophie

“I definitely slept better and felt more rested when I woke up after doing the Sleep sequence”. Tryphena


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About Your Tutor

It was my own experience of having Insomnia triggered by sleep deprivation from my second child and the transition into peri-menopause that lead me to this work. I took my training with Lisa Sanfilipo and the Minded Institute and found that the knowledge and wide variety of tools from the course have been invaluable in helping me get my sleep back on track.