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I’ll always remember the home cooked meals I received as a gift after my first baby, such a treat and made a real difference. I’ve recently been enjoying putting together this care package for new mums, so sharing here for anyone looking for new ideas.

Chicken broth: Bone broth is often recommended for postnatal recovery. I’m not going to get into the debate about whether the body absorbs the collagen or not, I’m not a nutritionist. I can however tell you that when I have been feeling weak or tired this soup revives me. For more info about all the goodness you can find in chicken broth and a recipe, just click on the link on Chicken Broth above.

Post birth herbal mix: I bought this from Neal’s Yard, it’s a prepared mix of lavender, comfrey, calendula and St John’s wort. Just add a jar and it’s a lovely gift.

Peri-bottle: You can find these online, but I picked this up quite cheaply Bert’s Homestore, Brighton. I’m sure it’s for some kind of sauce, but it looks good for the job and reasonable priced. Place two teaspoons in a pot let it brew then fill peri bottle. Soothing for healing stitches

Hand cream: When my babies were young my hands got really chapped from all the nappy changing, so it’s something I always give to new mums.

Muslin for the bubs, you can never have enough muslin, this one came from Jo Jo Maman.

Banana bread: I love this recipe, it has kept me going on many an and doesn’t contain any processed sugar.


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