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Whether it’s sitting at a desk all day or always holding your baby the same way our body stories leave their mark. 

The photo on the right is classic mum posture, hips forward, back compressed, no glute activation and plenty of pressure pushing forwards into the recovering tissues of the abdominal wall. Just like all those other mums I stood like this too, we get tired and those babies get heavy, BUT there is one thing I tried really hard to do and that was not stay there for too long.

I hear so many mums saying how terrible their posture is and yes how you stand has a huge impact on the aches and pains and core recovery, but the last thing I want to do is make a mum feel worse, so let’s re-frame it... If we don’t get stuck in it then there is no such thing as ‘bad posture’

Let’s keep moving and changing positions:

Shift your hips back, let the glutes fire up, ease off your back and you'll feel the difference.

If we keep changing then we give our bodies more movement choices.

If we can mix in different baby holds too then not only will it allow your own body story to become more varied, but our babies too. Giving them a chance to look and turn in different ways.

Check out the dates for my next Core Restore and Pelvic Floor course and you’ll learn a variety of different holds for mum and baby to practice and include in every-day life.

For more on baby carrying, baby wearing, your pelvic floor and more you might be interested to listen to this podcast by Katy Bowman.




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