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“I was devastated to learn I had suffered a prolapse and felt there was no hope of returning to exercise which was a bleak prospect. However, your approach to core strengthening and your patience has been incredibly helpful and made me so much more aware of posture and I feel encouraged and would like to keep learning”.
~ Linda
About Me
Hi, I’m Claire Russell Burns a yoga teacher with a passion for helping ladies who are experiencing core and pelvic floor issues. Whether you are postnatal or post-menopausal, whether you’ve had babies or not, whether you exercise regularly or not at all, the specialist classes I teach are for all women of all ages and experiences. In regular yoga classes I like to bring a wide variety of movement experiences for students, I don’t see yoga as a set of specific postures to fit into a sequence, but the mindfulness of the movement, the exploration and awareness as yoga. I enjoy bringing in exercises that facilitate functional movement in everyday life and beyond.
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In this pic I’m not actually pregnant. In fact, I’m around 5 months postnatal. The connective tissue between my abdominal muscles connecting the abdominal muscles was lax and thin and

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  The invention of electricity has had a huge impact on how we sleep, separating us from the natural rhythms of sunset and sunrise and interfering with the brain chemistry

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I’ll always remember the home cooked meals I received as a gift after my first baby, such a treat and made a real difference. I’ve recently been enjoying putting together

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Whether it’s sitting at a desk all day or always holding your baby the same way our body stories leave their mark.  The photo on the right is classic mum

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